San Francisco Dentist with a View

Food in the Bay Area is hands-down spectacular. The plethora of micro-climates around the Bay nurture a flavorful variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, and play host to a number of sustainable and responsible

 farms and ranches. Combine the region’s natural variety with our diverse population, and you can find some of the finest food and culinary combinations from around the world right here at your fingertips.

When you’re visiting San Francisco, your to-do list should mostly be about food. Eat as much as you can from as many places as you can. You can enjoy a new cuisine from a different part of the world every day you’re here – and don’t forget our famous sourdough, Ghiradelli chocolate, and local Dungeness crab! All over the city and the Bay you can find excellent eateries that double as vantage points to view the San Francisco skyline, Angel Island’s outline, the rolling hills of Marin, and of course the Golden Gate. Vistas of city life, vibrant characters, spontaneous art installations, and cable cars are served up as aperitifs in Bay Area restaurants – a feast for the eyes to whet the appetite.

city view

Everyone has a travel horror-story. We can cope with flight delays, bad hotels, and disappointing weather. “At least we’ve got our health,” we’ll say, and salvage what we can of our vacation days. Physical discomfort or injury is a different ballgame – and missing out on eats around the Bay is a travesty! Don’t let oral distress ruin the trip of a lifetime.

What I’m getting at is this: don’t let anything stop you from appreciating Bay Area gastronomy. It is part and parcel of enjoying your time in San Francisco. If you’re here on vacation and you accidentally chip a tooth, or cringe when you should swoon with a frozen mouthful of heaven from Bi-Rite, seek help immediately. Believe it or not, a visit to a San Francisco Dentist can fit right into a happy vacation. Dr. Le will fix you up with a gentle but steady hand, offering unobtrusive treatment for a comforting visit. We’re right downtown -stop in after exploring Chinatown or cruising the shops at Union Square. We even have panoramic views so you won’t miss any time sight-seeing!

Come visit us soon. We look forward to seeing you!


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