Get Great Dental Care at Any Income Level through Covered California and CDA Cares

With the Affordable Care Act rolling out across the state and nation, Healthcare is a Hot Topic right now. Americans who have gone uninsured in the past are starting to address medical concerns that have been deferred for months or even years.

Covered California currently offers pediatric dental care for eligible children of enrollees in the state wide healthcare marketplace. Five providers offer standalone dental programs for children in 2014.

The CDA (California Dental Association) has been lobbying for expanding coverage options for adults, as well. At present, the Covered California board has decided to begin offering dental benefits to adults by 2016, and possibly earlier. Family dental plans are also in the works, which is good news for everyone.

Dental care is an integral part of a whole body wellness plan; a dentist can find subtle clues to your overall health through regular checkups. Systemic health challenges often have corresponding dental implications. Dental care and whole-body health overlap in many ways – preventative dental care can assist broader wellness programs, and vice-versa.

If you don’t currently have dental coverage, and will rely on Covered California or supplemented care, you do have options for immediate attention. In San Francisco local physicians and dentists volunteer at city clinics open to the public. The California Dental Association sponsors “CDA Cares” – free, regional dental clinics offered around the state. The next CDA Cares event is this weekend (Fri and Sat Apr 25 and 26) in Solano County. You can see the patient FAQ page here.

Your smile is a valuable commodity, and your teeth aren’t a renewable resource. Care for what you have, and your mouth will return the favor. If you haven’t been to a dentist for a while, read up on current services, care techniques, and specialty offerings. Then schedule a visit with your local San Francisco Dentist.


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